Hospital Bag Guide

Many people struggle to know what to pack in their hospital bags and to understand the reasons why things are recommended. Cheshire Midwives have created this guide, based on a combination of advice from both new parents and midwives. This guide contains three checklists with the items suggested for you to pack into each bag and some handy tips to leave you feeling prepared, informed and excited to meet your new baby.

Hospital Bag Luggage Set

This amazing high-quality matching and connecting luggage system with guide on what to pack, is perfect for taking the stress out of knowing what to pack for hospital and what bags to use when you have your baby. Plus, you can arrive at hospital in style!

Colostrum Harvesting Kit

Colostrum collecting / Colostrum harvesting is a fantastic way to relieve the pressure of breastfeeding and helps you get things off to a successful start! If you’ve had a low-risk pregnancy and would like to breastfeed your baby, it’s useful to try Colostrum harvesting. Colostrum harvesting is achieved by using hand expressing techniques to obtain Colostrum from your breasts. Colostrum is also known as liquid gold; it is really concentrated milk that contains both nutrients and antibodies which are amazing for your baby.