Cheshire Midwives is a unique business specialising in delivering supportive courses covering, Hypnobirthing and Birth Trauma support, together with products created specifically to help you through your parental journey, run by an experienced registered midwife. All courses can be delivered face-to-face or online, depending on your preference.

Hypnobirthing Courses

Hypnobirthing is a powerful course that merges knowledge and relaxation techniques, to optimise your labour and birth experience. It gives you and your Birth partner the knowledge to understand what is happening, relaxation tools to help you cope and the confidence to take control of your labour and birth experience.

Birth Trauma Support

Negative or traumatic experiences including birth, miscarriage or breastfeeding experiences, can be improved through the support of the 3 step Rewind course. This teaches you techniques to take control of your experiences and how you feel about them, transforming your life.

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created specifically to help you through your parental journey

Colostrum Harvesting Kit and Hospital bag guide

Add our Hospital Bag Guide, when buying the Colostrum Harvesting Kit for only £2.00 extra, saving £3.99 (if brought separately)


Hospital Bag Luggage Set

By Cheshire Midwives Ltd. A brand-new Luxury Hospital Bag Set, matching premium luggage and complete Guide on what to pack with amazing tips for Birth, Free Hypnobirthing Script and Affirmations!


Hospital Bag Guide – What to pack Checklist

Cheshire Midwives have created this guide, based on advice from both new parents and midwives to provide a full list on what to pack for the hospital, including useful tips and free Hypnobirthing script and Birth Affirmations.


Colostrum Harvesting Kit with free Hypnobirthing Script

Colostrum Harvesting Kit complete with everything you need to collect and store your colostrum.