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Hospital Bag set – What to pack checklist & matching premium luggage

£97.99 per set, including free delivery (UK only)

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By Cheshire Midwives. A brand-new Hospital Bag checklist and matching 3 Bag luggage and packing system. Designed to help you get ready for your new arrival!

The set comes complete with the guide, written by experienced Midwives and 3 matching bags and packing cubes, to help you feel organised and prepared, ready for having your baby! Perfect for twins. We recommend you have your bags ready by week 37 of your pregnancy.

This amazing high-quality matching and connecting luggage system with guide is perfect for taking the stress out of knowing what to pack for hospital and what bags to use when you have your baby. Plus, you can arrive at hospital in style!

Having a complete 3 bag system means you won’t have to rummage through bags looking for what you need. This system conveniently allows you to separate and pack 1) what you and your birth partner will need during labour. 2) what your baby will need when they arrive and 3) everything that you will need if you have an overnight stay in hospital and to get ready to come home.  All 3 bags are also multi-purpose, so can be used again and again! 

This set includes:

Hospital Bag Guide by Cheshire Midwives – New & unique 24-page colour printed guide detailing what to pack in each of the bags including handy tips on why, also includes 3 separate detachable checklists, one for each bag. A FREE Hypnobirthing script and two FREE Birth Affirmations.
Labour and Birth Partner Bag – A bag to put everything in that you’ll need whilst in labour, for you and your birth partner!
Baby’s Bag – A stylish baby changing bag to pack everything in that you’ll need for when your Baby arrives, big enough for twins!
Mummy’s Bag – A stylish case to pack everything you’ll need if you stay overnight in hospital and for coming home.
Packing Cubes – Six cubes to keep items organised and easily accessible

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