Hypnobirthing review
Jennifer Mitchell

It is hard to put into words the incredible difference that the care Danielle provided has made, but I shall try to explain.

Robbie is now 5 months old, and Danielle Kennedy provided our midwifery care from early pregnancy till Robbie was 1 month old. She was there for his birth at home and I did one on one hypnobirthing classes with her via zoom during pregnancy.

I can honestly say that the consistency, kindness and supportive professional relationship Danielle provided has changed our family and lives in such a profound and wonderful way.

We had a tough experience with mental health issues and traumas during our first pregnancy and birth and this time I was terrified that the same thing would happen. Danielle was determined this would not be the case this second time.

Her care ensured that this time things were so different and we have had a beautiful healing experience that will change our lives forever.

What Danielle did provided us with safety and support during a vulnerable time. She made us all feel cared for at every step, and never alone. That professional, kind, consistent relationship made a world of difference and prevented the huge repercussions that could have happened had my mental health suffered again. My family was safe, I was safe and now we can move forward full of joy with our babies.

This is so evident in our relationship as a family.

I cannot express how vital consistency was for us throughout our anti-natal, birth and postnatal period.

It was amazing to be a part of such an experience and I cannot thank Danielle enough for being our midwife and for all she did.

Robbie was born in a calm and safe place physically and mentally. My early labour started in the middle of the night, I messaged Danielle the following morning. I was prepared, I was calm, I knew she was there. I ate and drank and relaxed between early surges. Danielle arrived at lunchtime. I thought maybe this was too early, but ten minutes after she came my labour became established and an hour later Robbie was born into her hands on my living room floor.

I know this happened in the way it did because my body and mind felt safe. She allowed me to be in control and provided a safety net for any fears I had. I can actually say I enjoyed being in labour and the confidence I had during this time.

I didn’t think such an experience was possible for me, but it was and I know this was down to the care we received.

Thank you for everything Danielle and the future you have enabled to be possible for our whole family.

I know how lucky we were to have Danielle as our midwife, I am a nurse and know the pressures faced in our health care system. Danielle fought for us and was an advocate, she knew what it meant to receive consistency in care during this stage in our lives and she ensured this happened. Thank you so much!

3 Step Rewind review
Victoria Hartley

I can’t thank Danielle enough. I completed the 3 step rewind course to help overcome my fear of pregnancy and birth and it completely transformed my outlook. Even after the first session, I felt ‘lighter’. I now feel like I’m in a completely different place and feel excitement for the future for the first time. She really listened to me, was compassionate and answered all of my questions. She made me feel reassured and empowered. She’s a lovely person and really makes you feel at ease. Thank you so much Danielle!

3 Step Rewind review
Leah Deakin

I did the three step rewind course with Danielle as part of my overall preparation for the birth of my second child. Danielle is knowledgeable, reassuring and offered me helpful suggestions. Even after the first session, I felt some relief. When the course ended I felt much calmer about my upcoming labour and birth. The birth of my second baby was a very positive, healing experience, which I put down to a change in mindset which the sessions definitely contributed to. Thanks Danielle!

Hypnobirthing review
Mark Fenning

My wife and I recently completed the hypnobirthing course with Danielle and could not recommend it enough to expectant parents. Danielle is brilliantly supportive, and the course empowers both mum & dad with knowledge about the birthing process, and well as great relaxation techniques to aid a positive birthing experience. We feel so much more confident as a result of the knowledge and support gained from Danielle on this course.

Hypnobirthing Update/review
Louise Bartles

Just to let you know that our little boy, Hamish Francis William, was born last Friday in the pool at home. We really benefitted from the hypnobirthing techniques in early labour, they did go out of the window at the end, but we were both really confident and calm at home just the two of us because of what we had learnt on the course. I had a sweep and did some guided meditation in the bath, even managed a nap in the early stages and don’t think I would have coped without the breathing strategies. We both felt really calm and in control. We didn’t feel the need to call the midwife until I was well in established labour so she wasn’t here for long at all. I did spend the last couple of hours screaming the house down but probably wouldn’t have had the energy to if I hadn’t coped so well at the beginning ?. All in all it was a short and intense labour, I can’t say it didn’t hurt but I got the birth I wanted, in the water with a natural placenta delivery and lots of skin to skin. Thank you so much for everything you taught us, I know James felt really relaxed setting everything up whilst also talking me through everything and throwing the scientific information at me if I started to freak out a bit. Thanks again! XxxAlso he was surprisingly big at 8lbs 6 and we still didn’t need any intervention or help so we’re really pleased with how we put your course into practice!

We can’t thank Danielle enough for everything she taught us. We are so pleased with Hamish’s birth after our first birth being less than ideal. Knowledge really was power this time and we keep talking about the labour because it went just how we had hoped. ❤️❤️❤️

Hypnobirthing review
Louise Bartles

My husband and I recently took part in a hypnobirthing course with Danielle. She was my midwife with our first so it was nice to see a familiar face. I feel far more knowledgeable about birth in general now, even though I’ve done it all before I really feel I have a better grasp of the ins and outs of labour and that makes me feel very confident. I was a bit sceptical at first but learning about all the science, the hormones, the physiology etc has really worked for us and we feel well informed and (nearly) ready! Thanks Danielle!

Hypnobirthing review
Alice Hulley

Me & my husband recently completed the Hypnobirthing Course with Danielle and it was fantastic. We felt engaged the entire time and Danielle created a relaxed environment (even over Zoom) that allowed us both to have the confidence to ask questions and get the most out of the course. We found it really informative and now have lots of techniques to practice as we head towards the birth of our baby. We’d highly recommend this course to anyone thinking about it, especially if you’re feeling anxious or have lots of questions. Danielle is fantastic – thank you so much.

UPDATE: Further to my review about the hypnobirthing course, we did with Danielle – I just wanted to share how much of a difference the course actually made to my labour/birth. I went into early labour at 9 pm on Saturday 29th August (due date was the 6th September) and our beautiful baby boy was born at 21:54 on Sunday 30th August ?Firstly, the breathing techniques taught on the course were invaluable to me throughout labour and having done the course with my husband, he knew exactly how to coach me through them when I was struggling. The birthing playlists we had created also allowed me to relax or turn my mind to other happy occasions such as our wedding – I switched between the different playlists throughout and had them on constantly. This also included the positive affirmations that I had listened to since doing the course. These really worked to remind me that my body was doing exactly what it is designed to do and that each surge was bringing my baby closer to me, there were times when I really needed to hear that!! I also used the visualisation techniques taught in the course to visualise having our baby in my arms – this really helped when my body was tired and things weren’t going according to “plan” which was probably one of the biggest things the hypnobirthing course provided me – the confidence that there is no “plan”. Yes I’d written a plan with some key points about skin to skin contact and using the birthing pool if I could but ultimately my baby was deciding how and when he was being born so when I couldn’t use the birthing pool and had to go onto the delivery suite rather than the maternity unit, I didn’t panic or feel disheartened, I felt confident and trusted the process. It also helped my husband to feel confident as he asked the questions we needed to ask and at each stage, we felt informed and happy with the decisions being made which included using gas & air and remifentanil as pain relief. My baby had to be monitored throughout labour so I couldn’t move around as I’d hoped but I can honestly say, that at moments where I could’ve freaked out, instead I felt empowered to be stronger than anything else that was thrown at me. Danielle has been a huge support to both me and my husband throughout this entire process and even after birth she’s been there to answer questions and offer reassurance. If you’re thinking about doing the course, I cannot recommend Danielle enough, going into labour with everything we learnt made all the difference xxx

3 Step Rewind review
Laura Jones

I had three sessions with Danielle to help me deal with thoughts and memories of a difficult first birth in order to prepare for my impending one. Danielle was extremely professional but also personable, likeable and very easy to talk to. She really helped me change my mindset and I feel so much ‘lighter’ and excited for giving birth again. Thanks Danielle x

3 Step Rewind review
Anna Withington

Danielle seemed like the perfect person to talk to when I started to think about how difficult the birth of our son and first few months of motherhood had been, given that she was the midwife who helped deliver him! I used hypnobirthing techniques during the labour and so felt like the 3 Step Rewind course would be the right way to help me change the way I perceived what happened at the birth. The sessions were great and Danielle really understood what I was feeling and what I had been through. The relaxation scripts helped me to process my thoughts in a less frantic way and I use them each week to help bring a sense of calm to those difficult days of being a mother! Thank you once again Danielle xxx

3 Step Rewind review
Simon Withington

My wife and I recently separately completed Danielle’s Three-Step Rewind course. Our son was born at home but was undiagnosed breach and the birth was difficult. The experience was the opposite of everything we’d planned and hoped for, though thankfully both he and my wife made it through just fine – thanks to our incredible midwife, Danielle! Prior to the course, remembering that day was really unpleasant, bringing back an array of negative emotions. Danielle helped me work through these to view the day in a different light and reassure me that should we have another child, we wouldn’t be going through the same! To be honest, I was keen for my wife to go on the course to help her deal with what we went through but I wasn’t sure I would benefit as much. I’m really glad I decided to accept the help though, it’s really changed my outlook for the future. I’m so thankful for both what Danielle did for my family that day, and also for how she’s helped us since – I can’t recommend her enough.

Hypnobirthing review
Rachel Clark

Danielle is brilliant! My husband and I were unsure about hypnobirthing before doing the course but are now complete converts! Danielle is so knowledgeable and friendly but also non-judgemental and has given us so much confidence to make sure our experience and the decisions we make will be right for us.

For me, labour is now a part of the journey I can look forward to rather than dread – something I honestly never thought I would say! Thank you, Danielle!

Hypnobirthing review
Catherine Peake

Danielle is fantastic – that’s all you need to know! Seriously, whatever type of birth you’re planning or have had, Danielle is so knowledgable, respectful and warm. She wholeheartedly believes in your having all the info at your disposal to make the right decision for you, and never makes you feel silly for asking questions.

I had two straightforward, uncomplicated hospital births, then considered a home birth for my 3rd. Being “geriatric” by this time, some of the official info surrounding home birth can be scary and off-putting. Danielle talked us (including hubby) through everything, putting risk factors into perspective and never leading us, but simply providing info and reassurance where necessary.

We had the loveliest home birth and are so grateful. I can wholeheartedly recommend hypnobirthing, as can hubby, who slept blissfully through several hours of my labour, due to my being so calm! Danielle is utterly professional but feels like a friend, and we can’t thank her enough.

Hypnobirthing review

Hi Danielle, just wanted to send you a quick message as I’ve been singing your praises yet again! ☺️ we’re 40.5 weeks now and so the conversations are all beginning about sweeps and induction and the baby being ‘overdue’.

I went to my midwife appointment yesterday and the first thing she said after hello was that she was trying to bring up the induction calendar and that we’d be looking at having a sweep during my appointment. Thanks to you and the confidence the course gave me, I declined the sweep and knew that I was also able to say that I’d prefer not to consider a sweep until later next week if nothing happening and not to talk about induction until 42 weeks and see how I’m feeling then as I don’t want the pressure of a date hanging over me.

I was able to explain my reasons why and so have managed to avoid 2 things I don’t want at this stage. In all fairness to our midwife, she definitely seems pro-hypnobirthing so I really feel she has my back on this too which is great! Then today I went for an aromatherapy foot massage at Leighton and I was really surprised that the assumption was that I’d be having a sweep as well. Again, I knew I could question that and decline it but without our conversations, I’m sure I’d have assumed I should have gone along with these things at either appointment and very possibly regretted it.

So I’m still here waiting for our baby but feeling very relaxed and confident we still have every chance of it all happening naturally within the ‘due month’ with the things that we’re doing to help baby along on its own. So thank you!

So many people have asked me now when I’m booked in for induction and it does feel great to feel so in control and say that I’ve chosen not to go down that route just yet because I know it’s not right for me or the baby yet and the majority of the responses are along the lines “wow, I didn’t know you had a choice”! X

UPDATE: Hi Danielle! Our beautiful daughter, Rose, arrived yesterday at 42 weeks + 1 day, weighing 7lb 11oz.

She is absolutely perfect and we had our dream labour!

Chose to have a sweep the day beforehand at 42 weeks and she was clearly ready for a nudge, early stages of labour started soon after but had a lovely chilled evening and got a decent night’s sleep. In the morning I had a bath, we took our dog for a little stroll, had a glass of champagne to toast the labour and got back into bed for a snooze and put friends on. After that things ramped up but with my breathing techniques and visualisations, it all felt so manageable that we really weren’t sure when I’d got to the point of being ready for hospital. I was using my tens machine, took 2 paracetamol and felt great and in control.

It’s a good job we didn’t leave it any longer because the second we arrived at hospital my waters broke and that was it, within 1hr 20mins Rosie was born! No pain relief (other than my champers and paracetamol earlier in the day!), I trusted my body (easier at some points than others!) and Pete counting backwards through contractions worked miracles! The transition phase was a bit unnerving but we were prepared for it and Pete coached me through, reminding me what we’d learnt, that we knew we’d need to navigate it and to breathe and just go with it. Then I hopped in the pool and before I knew it I was pushing! The down breathing kept me focused and I just let it happen (and remembered to stop pushing and breathe when I could feel the burn!).

The midwife really followed our birth plan and left us to it as much as possible. There was no mention of ‘pain’ or ‘contractions’, instead we spoke about ‘intensity’ and ‘surges’ which really made a difference. I can’t believe I am saying this but I honestly wouldn’t describe the labour as painful! Ok, the point of her actually coming out wasn’t the easiest thing I’ve ever felt but overall I would describe it as intense but in the sense of it being the most powerful and amazing thing I’ve ever gone through and I actually enjoyed it!

What made the biggest difference was how much of an active part Pete played and we owe a lot of that to being so well educated from the course and because of how much you empower birth partners. The decisions we made throughout pregnancy, particularly towards the end when there was lots of talk of induction at the hospital, and the whole birthing experience was something that we led and went through together. He was always my voice of reason, keeping me calm.

An incredible experience for us as a couple and now a family! Having once been really scared of labour and convinced I’d be asking for an epidural as I arrived, I’ve ended up having the complete opposite experience and we can’t thank you enough! Hypnobirthing works miracles!!
Let’s hope Covid-19 gets under control as quickly as possible and then we can introduce you to Rosie properly! Xx

Hypnobirthing review
Ed Locke

I can’t recommend Danielle and her hypnobirthing course highly enough. I had no idea what to expect before starting the course but I am so glad we did it.

Danielle ran the course from her house and there were three couples in the group. The environment was very cosy and relaxed. I picked up a lot of information and feel much more prepared. From not knowing what to expect or, more importantly, what to do when my wife goes into labour, I now feel confident I will be useful when the time comes and will be able to be a calming influence on my wife.

Hypnobirthing review
Jennifer Locke

My husband and I took the hypnobirthing course lead by Danielle in January and we are so pleased we did. As someone who was absolutely terrified about the prospect of giving birth, I can now say I am much more prepared and confident.

Hypnobirthing is a great way of teaching you how to stay calm and relaxed.

Danielle is extremely knowledgeable and great at explaining everything. She also makes you feel really relaxed and that no question is stupid and you should always ask. We did the course in a group session with 2 other couples and exchanged numbers at the end and I cannot wait to hear their birth stories.

I would definitely recommend Danielle to any expecting parents

Hypnobirthing review
Bryony-anne Hamdy

Firstly I just want to say thank you to you Danielle for everything you did in the run up to the arrival of my daughter. From the very first meeting you put my mind at ease, and as a new mum I was worried about everything. Everything!!

You were always willing to take a call and always answered my calls. You never once made me feel like I was asking a stupid question and your approach was so reassuring that I never felt shy to ask.

The meetings we had to discuss my birth plan, you explained everything in detail and helped me understand what choices were available to me, you didn’t sway my decision at all to one direction or another about each step of my plan.

Once I had decided I wanted a home water birth you discussed everything involving it and introduced me to Hypnobirthing. This was completely new concept to both me and my partner, and I’ll be honest, in the beginning I was very suspicious that childbirth could be done and controlled by nothing but my own mind!!

You advised me to research and provided details about classes being held, which my husband and I both took… and I’m so so grateful for the Information because there was so much I didn’t know still about the in-depth process, even after asking a billion questions and witnessing my nieces birth!

After our hypnobirthing class I felt completely convinced and decide this was my plan. Hypnobirthing water birth at home became my dream goal for the calm serene birth.

You helped me make it possible. To follow my plan to the letter. You gave me the confidence to know I was in control of this process. My decision, my body, my birth plan. I never once during my pregnancy and birth felt out of control or violated in any way. You let me be the guide for what I wanted and when.

I still remember clearly when you walked into my bathroom and I was in the middle of a contraction, using the counting method, counting down from 60 to 0 which you taught me and the controlled breathing helped me so much. I remember the feeling of panic and telling you “I can’t do this, I need drugs!” You were calm and told me “remember your breathing” and like a superhero I took back control of the pain. The breathing methods only, I would never have believed it possible!

The phrase “your body is built for this, it won’t give you a baby you cant handle” still sits with me.

During the labor period, you gave me confidence in myself. I was not touched to check my centimetre dilation, you listened to me and my body. The trust you had in my body gave me trust in myself. I was calm, and controlled. My breathing, the counting, understanding the feelings and what was happening to my baby and body. I remember the rocking feeling of her coming down and stretching me. I felt her turn after her head was out and I knew exactly in my mind what was happening. The knowledge of each step took away my fear and gave me control over the birth of my child.

I remember the instructions you gave about pushing when I felt the urge and not just pushing would help prevent tearing, and again remain in control of my birth. So when i did this and listened to my body, pausing and letting my body stretch (the knowledge of knowing what was happening at each stage again) I welcomed my baby into this world with nothing more than a graze. How I did this with nothing but a little gas and air and mind control, and breathing techniques was down to your guidance and confidence in my own abilities because without you I would not have done it this way at all, and I’m beyond grateful that this method was introduced to me. I have my birth on a video and I honestly cannot believe how quiet and calm the whole thing is!

I plan to do the exact same way with any other children I have, because I know I can do it, because you taught me how.

Hypnobirthing is a fantastic method and reading about it sounds amazing, but to have someone who also believes in this method and teaches you “knowledge is power” is an amazing gift that all pregnant women should be introduced to.

Thank you, Danielle for all of it x

Hypnobirthing review
Sarah Howley

I am now 31 weeks pregnant and I took part in Danielle’s hypnobirthing course in January. It was on in the evening, one day a week (which worked brilliantly around my hectic work schedule) and was also at Danielle’s house, which made me feel more comfortable and at ease.

I was unsure what to expect from the classes with it being my first pregnancy but I am so pleased I went! There were only 3 couples in the group so it was intimate and relaxed from the get-go. I also ended up swapping contact details with the others at the end of the course (but there was no pressure too!) so it’s nice to be able to share stories and experiences with people due around the same time.

Danielle balanced the sessions perfectly. We went through bits of hypnobirthing in every session, but it wasn’t at all what I expected. I had the idea that it would be all deep breathing, serious and a bit hippy! But that wasn’t the case at all. Danielle did some scripts with us to help focus the mind and empower the body. The breathing techniques were extremely helpful and Danielle clearly explained the physiology of how breathing works in labour. This gave me great knowledge and preparation for what to expect and what to do when the time comes.

Lots of information and facts followed over the next sessions. Basic things were covered, such as what is/isn’t normal, what to do to get more comfy, who to contact if any questions or issues (I was pleased about this as I hadn’t really received any information from my midwife) and any queries we had were answered too. Then we went into more detail about the stages of labour, pain relief, intervention, and what to expect in hospital (take notes down – there is a lot to remember and I’ve reread my notes a few times already for clarity!) We went through birth plans and what to take with you to hospital when the time comes (and again, there were things I wouldn’t have thought of!) The things I learnt here were invaluable and I’m pleased to say I’m now feeling calm and excited to bring our baby into the world.

We finally briefly covered what happens after your baby is born. This was great too, as no one really mentions this! So we learnt about vitamin K, skin to skin, cutting the cord, and the Golden Hour. And also the normal things to expect from a newborn, such as the mucus they can excrete.

All in all, the knowledge and understanding I have gained from pregnancy and labour is indispensable. Even if you have completely different ideas/wishes to others on the course, it is irrelevant. There was no right or wrong. Danielle made us feel as parents should – that you know from instinct what is important for you and your baby. She involved partners, gave them encouragement and confidence, and made them so much a vital part of it all which is so important.

I would highly recommend this course with Danielle and hope that all parents get the same feeling of contentment and confidence that we have gotten from it. My partner enjoyed it just as equally as me, he knows what to do and how to be there to help and support me which also fills me with confidence. Thanks, Danielle, we look forward to sharing our birth story with you.

Hypnobirthing review
Peter Clark

My wife and I were on Danielle’s most recent hypnobirthing course and it was absolutely brilliant.

It was fantastic to have access to Danielle’s enormous wealth of experience and we feel so much more knowledgeable and empowered having done the course.

It was great to discover what I can do during the labour as my wife’s birth partner and I now feel as though I can play an active role in the birth, not just sit on the sidelines getting in everyone’s way, which was my perception before doing the course!

I highly recommend that all couples that are expecting a baby do this course and can’t thank Danielle enough.

3 Step Rewind review

My wife and I welcomed our baby into the world last year…. However, as much as it was an amazing feeling welcoming this little life into the world it left me with feelings of guilt and failure.

As a guy, it may be slightly odd to think that it can affect us too but it did! I struggled to talk about the birth itself and would become choked up when talking about how it all happened.

Danielle was a real help and completely understanding of my situation. I did the 3 step rewind program and found it really helpful, I was able to process the birth of our son again and take control of how I was feeling towards it.

After the 3 sessions, I was left feeling much easier about it, I certainly felt much more able to talk about it and didn’t feel like I had failed that day. I would certainly recommend Danielle to anyone, Men and women, who have had a traumatic birth experience and want to feel differently about it. Danielle provides a warm, cosy and safe environment from which to work from and it’s easy to relax, not to mention her wealth of experience as a midwife which is a massive benefit when talking through birth experiences. I can’t thank Danielle enough and am forever grateful for helping me process my own experience. – Anon, Northwich

3 Step Rewind review
Rebecca Skelly

I suffered a traumatic birth and found it very difficult to talk about my experience and look back on the early days with my baby.

Danielle is an excellent midwife and I found her so knowledgeable, kind, reassuring and caring. She took me through the birth rewind process and helped me to change my perspective on my birth and decide how I want to feel about the experience.

I would definitely recommend this service for anyone who feels they have been through a traumatic birth and would like to take the time to make sense of it and be able to move on. Danielle provides a safe space and helps you resolve your feelings in confidence.