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Hospital Bag Guide

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Many people struggle to know what to pack in their hospital bags and to understand the reasons why things are recommended. Cheshire Midwives have created this guide, based on a combination of advice from both new parents and midwives.

This high-quality colour printed guide is designed around a three-bag system to help you organise the things you will need to take with you when you have your baby. This enables you to have exactly what you need to hand at the right time during labour, after the birth and in case of an overnight stay.

Labour and birth partner bag: A bag for you and your birth partner, that contains all you’ll need whilst in labour.

Baby’s bag: A bag for all the things your new baby will need, both after birth and if you stay overnight.

Mummy’s bag: A bag for all the things you’ll need to freshen up after the birth of your baby and all the essentials you may need, for an overnight stay.

This guide contains three checklists with the items suggested for you to pack into each bag and some handy tips to leave you feeling prepared, informed and excited to meet your new baby.

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£5.99, including free delivery (UK only)
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